August 19, 2012

About Us

About US

Why Outsource

DataTech India is a well known name in rendering it’s services in the field of IT Sector. DataTech India, a Delhi based company is rendering its services in domestic sector since 2004 and now expanding its wings to international market also with a sole aim of providing cost effective solutions to its overseas clients. Besides having 99% accuracy our company believes in long term relationship. We have team of experts that can provide you with perfect solutions to expand your business.

Low Cost

We believe in cost reduction to increase the profit and the growth of your business. With the increasing competition cost becomes more important and the price becomes a differentiator in the market. By outsourcing you can reduce the cost of your business and as a result get a steep rise in profit margins

Real time Access to skilled people

Business is never steady all the times. Ups and downs are very common in business. You cannot predict the situation in advance, thus you cannot ensure that you have proper number of staff with appropriate skills. By outsourcing to DataTech India you can solve your enviable situation of significant growth.

Focus on your Core Competencies

The growth of your business is directly related to the successful deliveries of your goods in the market. But how will you support your expanding customer base? How will you research new products and test them? And how will you meet either of these demands while continuing your current rate of growth? Outsource it, that’s how. You can find a partner in India. If you need help to research on new product, outsource it to DataTech India. We allow you to delegate non core activities and lets you maintain your focus on the activities that make you successful.

Why outsource to DataTech India

The plain truth is that American labour is expensive and it should be, given that the cost of living in America is high compared to the majority of the world. In addition to staff salary, there is a cost of taxes, Insurances and much more. You can straightaway slash your cost as low as $15 per hour for experienced staff.

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