August 20, 2012

Data Mining Services

Outsource Data Mining Services

If you need to survive in this competitive world in that case you should know what your competitors are doing. Each and every organisation should look out for the data mining services if they want to stand tall in this competitive world. Data mining services will provide you critical knowledge about the marketing campaigns as well as the market analysis.

Data mining services also help you stay updated as there are millions of websites there on the internet and every now and then a new website is hosted so it is really very important for your business to regularly update the website with latest data. New data and the information about the latest update in the market can only be gathered using data mining services.

Our team of experts does research and provide you the latest data online. At DataTech India we provide data mining services like

Data Collection & Data Extraction: We use techniques like data manual or automated data extraction techniques to collect information as per the client requirement.

Web Research: Out team of experts gather the information from the web of the data which is ever changing or fluid. We research the data from the web according to the keywords specified by the client or the combination of the keywords.

Web Scrapping: This process includes data extraction from several other websites on the internet and then collating the data in to different formats as per the client’s requirement which includes MS Excel & MS Access.

Why choose DataTech India For data mining Services:

  • Quality here at DataTech India is given the prime importance
  • We work 24/7 which is really beneficial for the offshore clients
  • Cost effective
  • Availability of the skillet at DataTech India as per the client requirements.
  • We have a team that automates the data extraction process as well as manual data capture team. We use both depending upon the requirement of the client.
  • Our team is capable of handling large scale projects
  • We have a scope of expansion depending upon the project requirements.

Another most important factor due to which you should outsource to DataTech India for the data mining services is that we are based in India, which being the most preferred location for other countries for data outsourcing. Outsourcing to us will help you save 50 to 60% on the operational cost.

For more details you can contact us 24/7 at We have turnaround time of around 24 hour. We will get back to you with in this time frame with a competitive price quote.

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