August 20, 2012

Forms Processing Services

Forms Processing Services

At DataTech India we offer Form processing services too. These sort of services are required by almost all sort of business currently may it be a small or a large scale business. Almost all the businesses are opting for such services. The Form processing service is a process of digitizing the forms which are filled either manually or printed.

There are several sorts of forms which are required to collect the information from the customer like suggestions forms, questionnaire forms, feedback forms, registration forms. All these forms and the information in the forms are really crucial for one’s business. We at DataTech India know how important the data is for our customers. We have a team of professionals to provide accurate data.

Our form processing services are farmed in such a way that we are able to cater the need of every sort of clients. We understand the requirement of the client and then plan the strategy according the requirement so that we can ensure quality in conjunction with accuracy. This helps us improve our services as well as we save a lot of client’s time and money. Our form processing services are really cost effective.

Our form processing services include:

Manual Forms Processing

Manual form Scanning is used mostly in the cases when the forms are filled manually forms such as registration forms, insurance claims processing forms. We always look for quality that’s the reasons we don’t try to go for automated form processing as the automated process will not provide the accurate results. Our team of professional are skilled enough to recognize the hard written and deliver accurate results. To ensure the quality of the data entered is run through data verification and data validation process.

Automated form processing used where the forms are printed or the data fields are fixed it includes forms like medical claims, purchase orders, and invoices. Automating this process really fastens the process and also the accuracy of the output is increased. In the automation process the OCR technique is used to capture the data. Once the forms are being scanned we check it for the spelling errors as well as the junk characters. Once the data passes all the quality checks we deliver the data.

Why choose DataTech India Form processing services:

  • We give quality and accuracy the prime importance
  • We offer manual and Automated form processing services
  • Cost effective and affordable services
  • Timely and accurate delivery of the project
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Highly qualified and skilled professionals

We run the data through several quality checks to ensure delivery of accurate results.

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