August 20, 2012

Data Cleansing Services

Data Cleansing Services

Data being the most important thing for any of the busyness and if the data is not clean accurate, complete or correct then the data is of no use to the organization. Such data become a junk which occupies a large amount of space as well as an extra cost incurred to maintain the data. In order to address such issues we provide data cleansing services.

Data cleansing being one of the core areas for the DataTech India. We have a team of skilled personnel who have vast experience in the field of data cleansing and other services. We can assure you of high level of accuracy, fast turnaround time that too at a competitive price. We at DataTech India want that client get better quality and maximum benefits in terms of cost.

Why Outsource Data Cleansing Services:

  • Data cleansing if outsourced can save you a lot of money as it provides highly dependable & accurate data.
  • Outsourcing such services give you access to the skilled and qualified manpower who are best at handling critical data.
  • Outsourcing such services will help you concentrate on your core business and help you save extra cost incurred on maintenance and extraction of such data.
  • Data at DataTech India passes through several test like data verification and data validation which ensure accurate data. It helps increase efficiency of any business.

Why Outsource Data Cleansing Services with DTI?

  • Our data cleansing services are cost- effective and best in the industry.
  • Our state-of-art infrastructure helps us to handle large or small scale projects
  • We adopt the method possible to deliver the accurate and dependable data to the client.
  • We pass the data through several quality test which ensures quality and consistency among the data delivered.
  • Our services help you save operational time and cost
  • Outsourcing such services to us you can concentrate on your core business.
  • Data provided by us is dependable which helps you in quick decision making.
  • We use several tools to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the data.
  • 24/7 availability of the skilled team members help other country clients to contact us at any given point in time.
  • Quick turnaround time.

Process we follow here at DataTech India for Data Cleansing Services:

DataTech India being one of the fastest growing companies in India. It is all because of the skills our team members have as well as the competitive cost. The quality standards that we set really make it difficult for other data services companies to compete with us.

  • We get the requirement from the clients
  • A project plan is being prepared for the client
  • A dedicated team as well as a project manager is assigned for the project.
  • Once team is being assigned the project, the execution of the project plan starts.
  • Once the data is extracted, the data passes through several quality tests.
  • We check the data for inaccurate record.
  • We check if the data is incomplete
  • We check the data for the obsolete records
  • Typos as well as the spelling errors are checked too
  • Once we check all this data verification and validation process is done.
  • Data is then delivered to the client.


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