August 20, 2012

Ocr Scanning Services

Ocr Scanning Services

DataTech India offers efficient, cost-effective and effective OCR services all across India. We have high quality standards which make us stand tall in this cut throat competition in the market. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a really time consuming process, we can assure you that upon outsourcing these OCR services to us you can concentrate on your business.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a process of translating images of the type written text in to the machine-editable text. If you are using the OCR services then you can convert your scanned documents in to format you desire it in.

At DataTech India we convert the hard copy document to the digitally editable text using the high end state-of- art tools. We convert the hard copy documents in the formats such as HTML, PDF, TXT, MS- Excel, MS-Access, MS-Word, PDF and RTF.

Our OCR Services include

  • Accounts books Scanning
  • Legal Case file
  • Bound books
  • Permanent records
  • Instruction manual Scanning
  • Judgments scanning
  • Graphic media scanning
  • Resolutions Scanning

Our team of professionals are skilled enough to handle any sort of projects they make sure that they deliver the project at the defined time that too with accuracy and quality giving. We use the latest OCR tools and technology available in the market. We keep on upgrading our process to ensure that we serve our customers with the best in the industry.

How DataTech India Handle Typical OCR Service Projects

Our team of experts are capable enough to recognize the data even if the image is in any format. There are several problems due to which several other OCR Service providers are not able to deliver the project on time, but we at DataTech India are able to do this even if the image is a—

Bad quality Image: If the image is a bad image then our team of experts have ways to get the data from the image by noise removal, correcting brightness. Even if the character is broken then the image is being recognized by pattern matching technique. We can ensure accurate outputs from a bad image.

Format Retention: It’s a myth that the OCR software provides same output as the original but that is isn’t the case. It most of the times replaces the text with the exact match, replaces bullets with symbols. But, our experts can handle this problem they are skilled enough to provide you the Original Format output.

Multiple languages: Even if the data is there in multiple languages then too we don’t face any problems as we support almost all the European languages including English. So we can assure 99.99% accuracy in our outputs

Data loss being one of the biggest problem that most of the OCR service provider face but our experienced professionals are able to judge where the error will occur while performing the OCR and they handle the situation accordingly. They perform several checks and audits on the data to deliver accurate results.

Why Choose DataTech India OCR Services

  • Highly qualified and trained professionals
  • Latest technology and software used to provide best results
  • Team able to handle huge and complicated projects efficiently
  • We offer several& secure ways of data transfer
  • 24/7 support for the clients

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