August 20, 2012

Data Conversion Services

Afordable Data Conversion Services

At DataTech India we try to minimize your cost of outsourcing data conversion Services.Data conversion services are the requirement of the hour and almost all sort of business currently require such services. Data conversion requires some sort of coding as the data is being converted from one format to the other. Our team here at DataTech India convert all the data in to a uniform digital format, which helps in quicker turnaround time.

Data conversion services are essential for all sorts of businesses as the data comes in several forms and formats. It may incur an extra cost to the business all this data needs to be securely stored. Our team can assist you minimize this extra cost. You incur extra cost while you are trying to store the data, retrieve the information from the data. Here are few of the benefits for opting for data conversion services.

Benefits of Data Conversion Services

  • Dramatic decrease in the storage cost
  • Data converted to digital data which saves a lot of space& time.
  • Data Retrieval cost goes down
  • Saves time as the minimum manpower is required in retrieval of the data
  • Helps in effective and fast decision making
  • Data can be retrieved in-time and can be made available any place
  • You can retrieve the data from anywhere in the world not only from your office.

Data Conversion Services we Offer:

  • XML Data Conversion
  • XLS, CSV Data Conversion
  • HTML, XHTML Data Conversion
  • PDF Data Conversion
  • TEXT, TXT Data Conversion
  • Image Data Conversion
  • SGML Data Conversion
  • Word, DOC, RTF Data Conversion

Process We Follow To Convert your Data to Digital Format

  • Once we have the requirements we prepare a process chart according to your needs
  • Upon analyzing the requirements we create a project plan
  • Our team of highly qualified professionals are assigned the project where the execution starts
  • Data Capturing is done through the OCR or manual data entry techniques
  • It ensures 99.99% of accuracy in the results
  • Data is then converted to the desired format
  • Data then passes through several quality control test like validation and verification.
  • Now data is being delivered.

Why Choose DataTech India for Data conversion Services

  • Our data conversion services are cost –effective
  • We ensure 99.99 % accuracy in the delivered data
  • Rates we quote for these services are the lowest best in the Industry
  • Quality of the data is given the prime importance
  • Data passes through several quality checks before being delivered
  • Data passes through validation and verification process which helps us in achieving accuracy and efficiency in the data.
  • 24/7 availability.

You can contact us for free quote for the data conversion services at 24/7. We will revert back within 24 hours of being contacted.

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