August 21, 2016

Spanish Data Entry Services

Outsource Spanish Data Entry Services to DataTech India

Spanish or Español is one of the top three most extensively used languages in the world, spoken in 22 countries as a major language by about 400 million community. It is one of the primary languages of Spain, Latin America, Mexico, United States, and Europe. If you have an association in one of these countries, you might necessitate Spanish data entry services. We can assist you rally your Spanish data entry necessities.

We have a team of accomplished Spanish language and data entry experts, who are backed by a solid infrastructure and a severe quality-check procedure to guarantee that all projects are finished with precision, accuracy and to the client’s satisfaction. The Spanish data entry team at DataTech India is made up of inhabitant speakers of the Spanish language.


Spanish data entry outsourcing services provided by DataTech India

  • Spanish or Español data entry from hard copies to digital web-based systems
  • Spanish or Español data entry from hard/soft copy to any format
  • Spanish or Español business document and web-based indexing
  • Data cleansing of databases in Spanish or Español
  • Web Extraction and data mining in Spanish or Español
  • Directory Services in Spanish or Español: Creation and Maintenance
  • Data capturing services in Spanish or Español
  • Spanish or Español data entry through OCR from images
  • Language translation and data entry work
  • Forms processing services
  • Spanish publications and formatting


Quality assurance processes at DataTech India – 99% accuracy guaranteed

At DataTech India, we give extreme significance to the superiority of the Spanish data entry services that we give. After the data entry is accomplished, the records are reviewed by quality promise professionals to ensure error-free data. We have taken more than a few steps to ensure accomplished accuracy.

Computer-aided data capture: At DataTech India, we have implemented data capture systems to assist fast and precise handing out of data. These comprise OCR (Optical character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) and Barcode recognition.

Verification and justification: Each and every word of the data entry project is systematically checked for its validity and suitability in the context. We have a set of topic matter experts who will recommend and apply any changes if wanted.

Superiority check by Spanish language experts: A panel of Spanish linguistic experts will examine the data entry for issues associated to error errors and grammatical mistakes. They will evaluate the finished data entry documents with the source documents to check for precision.

Final data formatting: In this period the data processing panel checks the entered data for formatting, indexing, arranging and finalization of documents as per the customer’s necessities.

The benefits of outsourcing Spanish data entry services to DataTech India

  1. Save more than 65% by outsourcing your Spanish data entry services to DataTech India
  2. Skilled Spanish data entry professionals and teams
  3. Spanish data entry services always delivered ahead of your timeline and save your precious time.
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