August 20, 2012

Web Content Management Services

Web Content Management Services

Content management services involves a process where in we at DataTech India transform the electronics data file or the paper in to rich, structured and transact able electronics content.

This will help your business saving cost as well as space for storing these data. More over the data once transformed in to electronic content is easy to retrieve and that too with very less manpower requirement. Our team at DataTech India has the expertise to provide you with accurate as well as quality data with in pre-defined time frame.

At DataTech India our content management services are performed with help of proven processes and advanced technologies which helps as assuring quality content at the time of delivery. Our team’s vast experience in content management services as well as the domain expertise in different industries helps us providing fast turnaround time that too with 99% accuracy.

Our Web content management services include:

Classification- Once the requirement of the client is received we classify the product and services in to several ranges of content standards and classification schemas. This helps us providing more accurate as well as well categorised results.

Cleansing – This involves cleansing of the data file and then breaking them or classifying them accordingly. The cleansing of the data or the content is done on the basis of its attributes, identifying if the data is duplicate, expansion of the abbreviated data and normalisation and standardization of the data.

Enrichment – We at DataTech India enrich the data or the content on the basis of the reference databases that we have or the information gathered from the manufacturers website which ever provides us the updated as well as the accurate information. This process is really time consuming and requires a lot of experienced and skilled manpower. Our experienced team members make this task look really easy and they also make the processing even faster.

Schema services – Our team has the expertise to review the schema requirements and assist you with the best possible schema design and specify the modification required in the currently existing schemas.

Content creation – data Services offer fully attributed content. We offer content creation services too, all the content creation services are provided from hard copy catalogs as well as from the electronic format. The electronic format includes the PDF, XLS, CSV, text etc.

Why DataTech India for content management services

  • High quality content management services
  • Our prices are at the lowest best in the industry
  • 24/7 support available
  • Team of experts really help us in quick turnaround time
  • We provide content services like content cleansing, enriching, creation and classifying.

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