Form processing services in India

Form processing services in India

Forms processing is the process in which one can all the information which is entered into data fields and convert it into an electronic format. Form processing can be done manually and automatically, but in the general process the hard copy is filled by the person and then they are captured from their fields and entered into electronic format.

Form processing are of many types but when the forms are processed using different forms processing computer software applications can help in resolving some common issue and help in the minimization to a great extent.

Form processing can be of any type in manual data entry or in automated form processing.

Manual data entry: in the manual data entry the data processing is done by the expert and trained operators by keying all the data found on the form. In manual data entry processing there are some this advantages such as, it affects the speed of the work, it also affects the accuracy of work, and the main disadvantage of manual data entry is it is very cost effective. Mainly the average professional typist has speed up to 50 to 80 wpm, as the estimate one can feed only about two hundred pages per hour.

Automated form processing: automated form processing services are the services in which the data can automatically processed by using pre-defined templates and different configuration. Automatic form processing systems are more preferable; as compared to the manual data entry process as the automatic form processing can help in reduce the problems faced as the manual data processing.

There are many different components which include data processing using automatic form-input system such as:

  • OCR- Optical character recognition
  • OMR- Optical mark recognition
  • ICR- Intelligent character recognition
  • BCR- Bar code recognition
  • MICR- Magnetic ink character recognition

There are many different types of services include in the form processing such as: health insurance, medical records and claims, patients records, life insurance, annuity processing, loans application forms, online forms processing, credit and debit cards applications and much more. So form processing services are very beneficial as they help in speed up data entry, improve customer services, increase data accuracy, capture large amounts of data quickly, decrease personal costs, and reduce the costs associated with fixing data entry errors and much more. In this way the form processing services help in keeping your records safe and capture all data quickly and accurately.

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